Dana 60 pinion nut torque

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Dana 60 OE Genuine Ring and Pinion Replacements or Ratio Change pinion bearings, carrier bearings pinion seal, crush sleeve, pinion nut, shims, ring Specifications are provided below to assist you in the setup including torque spec . 000", RING GEAR TORQUE FOOR LBS. Just a small shim. Ready to drop the diff head back in this morning. lbs. 10 holes. The pinion nut not having loktite on it from the factory is a known problem. So, if I mark it closely on the pinion shaft and nut, then reassemble and tighten to exactly align my scribes, will this work. 002 of the pinion dimension. 0. They all weren't going in nicely at all, and even when the bolts The Dana Super 60 is an upgraded version of the Dana 60 axle. never lost a rear. 3. For a FORD (non-Dana) axle: The manual directs that Ford axles be set by continually measuring preload and setting torque based on the torque measured on the companion flange prior to removal in the first place. Ford Super Duty Torque Specifications 2000 Ford F250 Torque Specifications. 60 ft-lbs. The Dana 60 front axle is a heavy-duty 4wd front steering axle manufactured by Dana Spicer corporation. Dana 60, 70. 38 RATIO RING AND PINION & MASTER BEARING INSTALLATION KIT - Includes everything required to replace your ring and pinion properly - Kit includes: matched ring and pinion gear set, complete pinion & side bearings and races, pinion seal, pinion nut, ring gear bolts, pattern checking compound & brush, thread locking The pinion nut is a torque to yield nut and the threads will deform to set and on a second use will strip. 3 4x4 4" MBRB Stainless Exhaust, AFE stage II intake, DP F5 Tuner, 4. 1-24 of 28 Results. 73:1 ratio. Wheel bearings vary, and can range from the same part numbers as 60’s and 14 bolts, to The Dana 50 axle is exclusive to Ford and has been around for over 25 years. 0 Setup Specs. Hi Bret, Just put new bearings and Aussie locker into son's BJ60 yesterday. East Coast Gear Supply offers wholesale discount prices on Dana 60 gears, off-road ring and pinions, ring and pinion gear sets, master install kits, pinion kits, mini install kits, axles, ujoints, bearings, air lockers, triple drilled flange, diff housings, solid spacers and other Dana 60 performance parts and accessories for your Dana D60 2002 2500 Laramie-28x,xxx miles-NV4500 swap-Dana 80 rear 4. Guaranteed lowest price! Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! $10 off $299, $20 off $499, $30 off $699, $100 off $1299 Orders This works well for shim type pinion nut preload such as the Dana 60 shown in the photo, and also works very well for pinion gears with a collapsible spacer/crush sleeve. DIFF MODEL: PINION PRELOAD NEW INCH LBS. If you are not replacing the crush sleeve and using a new pinion nut, torquing to ~180 ft-lbs is all you really need to set the pinion bearing preload. PLATINUM TORQUE - 4. then when you put it back together just line up the marks. The drive pinion diameter of 1-3/4" is the same as that used in the Chrysler 8-3/4" axle, but the major spline diameter of the Dana 60 where the yoke mounts is 0. Install Pinion & tighten nut until there is no slop and a bit of preload. There is no torque specs,this nut has to be tightened back like it was ,the best thing to do,was,to late now,is to use a torque wrench to remove the nut,and remember the torque,and when replacing it,torque it back to that spec,the reason being,there is a crush sleeve between the front pion bearing ,and the rear pinion bearing,and it has to be Quadrasteer / Dana 60 Rebuild How-To (ring, pinion, carrier replacement) Posted on October 3, 2010 by Brian Gallimore The rear axle on a Quadrasteer equiped vehicle is a Dana 60. -1. 24-29 Nm 1999-00: 32 ft. 99 Add To Cart. The Dana 60 usually has a 30-spline axle shaft. Ibs. Please call for customer service and availability at 1-800-886-2815 Differential Did you measure the turnover torque of the old pinion nut before you dis-assemble it? I had about 25 inch pounds on mine. Pinion didn't have a crush sleeve. May 07, 2018 · To me these rears need to come out of the car to measure pinion gear pre-load correctly. as in how tight the nut is. 010-inch Pinion Preload (old brgs. 75 inches diameter and ½ in thick) Larger ring and pinion which increase the contact area and overall strength. S. Pinion nut size and torque spec for front dana 60 [updated:LAST EDITED ON 09-Jun-02 AT 09:40 PM (EST)]They are not a dealer only item, however finding one at a parts house will be difficult. Then loctite the pinion nut and tighten to 15 inch-pounds rotating torque with used bearings or The differential case of the open differential is a one-piece design. These measure 2″ inside diameter and are the same as Dorman part number 618-049. Axle Type Bear Preload IN. (See Illustrations ‘A’ and ‘B’). The Dana 60 is the mean one. 230–270 lb-ft. Here is a list of components included with the Ultimate Dana 60™ • Ultimate Dana 60 Front Axle 5. XJ/ZJ, 25-2029. So after removing the axles, I pulled out the existing carrier. CLICK HERE for More Details Part#: MW 39014. The same procedure goes for the rear diff pinion nut also. 5 FASTENER TORQUED TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF A GRADE 8 FASTENER. 95 m m. 38 RATIO RING AND PINION & MASTER BEARING INSTALLATION KIT 5. 8. (. 6. Ring Gear Bolt Torque Bearing Cap Torque DANA 60,61,70U, 17-30, 8-10, 6-10, 110, 80. Bear with us, this is a work in progress. Torque to. To set the pinion depth, place shims underneath the cup or outer race of the taper roller bearing. 25" 127589 * M36 x 1. Some Ford F450 and F550 trucks offered an even stronger Super 60 axle with an extra wide housing, 1550 u-joints, and 10 lug hubs. Once preload is set, install the seal and Loctite® pinion nut. The pinion nut does not have a torque spec. *using vehicle weight, brakes, and blocked rear wheels* to prevent pinion from rotating. Bearing Cap   Pinion Nut: 1-5/16", 1-1/8" Ring Gear Bolt Torque: 110 ft-lbs Dana 60 axles come in high-pinion front and rear configurations and they can be identified by  Dana-Spicer Model 60, 70 and 80 rear drive axles equip many Dodge, Ford, GM, IHC, and Dana 80 axles also have much larger pinion bearings than the 60's and 70's. CLICK HERE for More Details Part#: 9522421. Once the specified torque is obtained, rotate the pinion several times to ensure the bearings have seated. 00 in The Ultimate Dana 60 ® axle incorporates many of these modifications and innovations, so you get premium performance right from the start. in. The size for removing the pinion nut is: 1 7/8. 13 N·m of torque to rotate the pinion. Rear wheel-bearing lock (outer) nut- 160 (lb-ft) Hope these helps all you heavy duty Dana 60 guys :bigthumb: I have a Currie Rock Jock Dana 60 - aluminum housing. and usees both inner and outer shims to set pinion depth and pre-load. The only shaft on a Dana 35 that is smaller than the neck-down on the Dana 44, is the Dana 35 stub shaft, which is 1. Once the companion flange feels snug, turn the pinion nut in 1/8 inch increments, and then with each turn check the turning tension with an inch pound torque wrench. 5L, I just had my front driveshaft finally rebuilt at a shop. It is only found in high pinion front axle applications, however, it is available in solid axle and TTB (twin traction beam) configurations. My old trucking buddy told me to put axle bearing grease in the palm of my hand and press it deep into the bearing untill it comes out the other side,his dad had a trash truck business when he was a kid,always working on trucks. Dana 60 Can Ship For $8. By cranking down on the pinion nut with at least 250 ft lbs of torque, you're basically pinching the bearing in against the housing, but you can change how far into the housing the bearing can go. 2) Place the pinion bearing in the pinion race and place the 1-2-3 block directly on top Of the pinion bearing. 875-14 Hex 32. Once pinion depth is achieved using a new crush collar or preload shim pack (Dana®), set pinion bear-ing preload to 15 inch-pounds rotating torque with used bearings, and 25 inch-pounds with new bear-ings. 5. Ibs Size R-Pinion 95206 1 1/2 - 18 560-700 2. 10:1 Gear Set Nut Housing Side Gear Thrust Washer Pinion Mate Gear Thrust Washer Dana Spicer pinion depth shims are underneath the rear bearing cup in the housing. A pinion flange tool is used to stop the pinion from rotating while we torque the nut. Specifications are provided below to assist you in the identification and setup as well as torque spec's for your Dana 80 differential. Dana Super 60 ring and pinion gears will fit non-super high-pinion front Dana 60 axles, although, some minor clearancing may be required. 400+lbs. Turned out that 0. 20 - 40 (2. 6-10. Pinion Preload is verified by rotating the pinion with an inch lb torque wrench. Dana 44 axle tube diameter ranges from 2. 9522421 CHROMOLY Pinion Yoke 1350 series fits Dana 60, 61, 70 with 29 Spline pinion. Get the best deals on Axle Parts for 1978 Ford F-250 when you shop the largest WARN 32720 Spindle Nut Kit. internal kit (open): side gears, side gear washers, pinion gears, pinion gear washers, pinion shaft and lock bolt or roll pin. Dana Spicer Dana 60 4. The Dana 60 has a 9. 7. I need to get the torque specs for the Pinion Nut, Ring Gear, The Limited Slip Jul 25, 2014 · For axles with spacers, you can gun the pinion nut down with an impact gun and torque it to the proper spec. Dana 60/70 Pinion Nut. 86:1 gears, thereby resulting in a final crawl ratio of 154:1. (1. Use oil on the pinion nut washer surface during 3. Fits DANA 60 Car Rear Ends, DANA 60 2 wheel drive Truck Rear Ends and DANA 60 4x4 Truck Front Ends 1 Ring Gear and Drive Pinion Assembly 2 Inner Pinion Bearing Cone 3 Inner Pinion Bearing Cup 4 Pinion Position Shims 5 Pinion Bearing Preload Shims 6 Outer Pinion Bearing Cup 7 Outer Pinion Bearing Cone 8 Thrust Washer 9 Pinion Seal 10 End Yoke and Flinger Assembly 11 Washer 12 Nut 13 Shipping Plug (Shipping purposes only Removed by vehicle Aug 14, 2007 · Get a new pinion nut and seal. Front Axle Pinion Assembly - Forward and nuts. The weak link in a 9 inch is the pinion gear, it has less teeth per ratio than the 12 bolt & Dana 60. if you are replacing the seal. The threads are designed for a single initial torque of 260 ft-lbs to crush the sleeve. Try places that work on differentials, and maybe a driveline shop too. For instance, the crankshaft bearing cap bolts are also 1/2"- 13, but get 65-75 lbs. Fill differential Pinion nut for Dana 44 JK, 44HD, 60, 70, 70U, 70HD & Nissan M226 Rear $ 3. The axle tubes are pressed into the differential housing to form a one-piece axle housing. Dana 60 axles come in high-pinion front and rear configurations and they can be identified by their 10 diff cover bolts, hexagon shaped diff cover, and a fill plug on the axle center line. Toyota 7. On Dana 44s, for instance, the pinion bearing preload is set by using a shim pack - no crush sleeve. The pinion nut torque min is 215 ft/lb, max 280 ft/lb. If the preload doesn’t meet the axle manufacturer’s specifications, change the shim pack dimension in one of the following ways: Dana Spicer 30271 DANA 60 Front or Rear end Pinion NUT. Pinion Bearing and Differential Bearing Preload Specification . 12. Dana 70HD and Model 80 axles have larger differential bearing and spacers between the differential bearing cups and differential housing. Increasing torque on pinion nut will increase backlash and clunk. Backlash. ) 12. 56 Ratio Ring and Pinions From $322. 001 in). 125-inch Backlash 0. 46-1608-45 4 bolt adjustable panhard bar mount axle end, angled 3/4" x 10 oval nut for pinion preload. Crawlpedia is an off-road encyclopedia featuring a complete list of proper ring and pinion gear set up torque and backlash specs. Torque on pinion nut sets preload on pinion brg. Turning torque is measured with a torque meter torque wrench and the amount of torque it takes to rotate the pinion is called turning torque. PRODUCTS. 7. 360GP104 - Part number of pinion gear. Some of these features were larger axle tubes, thicker cast center section, bigger brakes, stronger outer knuckles, better tube seal design, double lip pinion seal and pinion bearing preload is now DIFFERENTIAL PINION SHAFT NUT. 5" . Jeep JK Wrangler Torque Settings March 2, 2009 Cindy Jeep JK Tech , Jeep JK Write-Ups , Operation & Maintenance 24 As a part of routine maintenance or anytime that you work on your Jeep JK Wrangler, it is important that you tighten any bolt and/or nut that gets removed back to the appropriate torque settings as is outlined by the Factory Check the back lash between the pinion and crown gear. ) Dana Corporation, Spicer Axle Division, re­ Torque to Rotate Example for a 4. Tighten new nut until all up/down, in/out and up/down movement is completely gone. NOTE: Do not exceed preload spec or you must use a new crush sleeve. drive tool For quick and easy removal and installation of 9 slot rear axle lock nuts; For 2011 and newer heavy-duty GM C/K2500 and C/K3500 trucks with 10. Dana 50 vs. CAP TORQUE 63-79 VETTE, 14 TO 19, 6 TO 10, 55, 60. 3 Feb 2000 1994-2001 Ram Dana 60 Rear Axle Specs Dana 60 Axle Torque Specs. 65. Pinion nut. 8-10. 377 inch 60 1. The 248 Rear Beam-design Iron (RBI) axle housing consists of a iron center casting (differential housing) with axle tubes extending from the center section sides. DANA 60,61,70U. Dana Spicer® Drive Axles 60 61 2A 1 Parts for the Differential Lock Assembly 32 Slotted Pinion Nut 1 126182 126182 M42-1. Dorman Products - 81053 : Pinion Nut. The Ultimate Dana 60™ front axle features massive Spicer® SPL® 70 universal joints, delivering optimal performance for lifted vehicles with larger tires. d The last explosion had left bits of the old pinion all over the place. 25 rear end for my 90 PowerRam,,I re-used the stock pinion shim, set the side adjusters to the proper backlash and the pattern came out beautiful on the first attempt. is 15-25 in. 60 (81)   25 Jul 2014 The leak could be coming from the seal press-in surface, the yoke splines, Unbolt the axle end of the driveshaft to access the large pinion nut You don't want to over-torque the nut and alter the pinion bearing preload. DAN30271. Lighter and more efficient than its Ford 9-inch and Dana 60 rivals, the 12-bolt enjoys as much use amongst brand-loyal off-roaders as it does Dana-Spicer Model 60, 70 and 80 rear drive axles equip many Dodge, Ford, GM, IHC, and Jeep to 1 ton trucks. 11. 31:1 to 7. 0625" inches. Price: $3. com. Use a torque wrench and the correct spindle nut for your application! Need to find torque specifications for your Dana 60 ring gear bearing cap bolts? Pinion nut socket size: 36 mm 12 point. First i made a bigger one 0. 5 inch 50 9 inch 60 9. Bearing Cap Bolt Torque, 60 ft lb, 86-10 Dakota/Durango, 25- 2029B Ring Gear Bolt Torque, 65 ft lb, *For factory ring, & pinion. Also found nut size is 1 7/8", torque spec. Setup Specifications. Hope this helps Bruce Steering wheel nut (1996-00 only) 22-29 ft. Is pinion bearing preload measured with axles and pumpkin installed? I have a small 12 ton  XJ/ZJ, 25-2029. Differential Torque Values. It came with a 1330 yoke on it. FRONT AXLE DANA 60; Dana 60 Tools. LBS. 20 Oct 2014 Rebuilding your Dana 60 Center section isn't outside your reach. 190 on the lathe. You can also use your regular 1/2" torque wrench to get to 480 ft lbs with a torque multiplier. Pinion bearing preload is set by solid shims on the pinion. From what I've read, bearing pre-load is set by adding or subtracting shims and the pinion nut is torque to spec. Our Differential Pinion Shaft Nut is engineered for long-lasting durability. 875mm Flange Diameter 32. 815mm Thickness 15. Size Nut p/n Nut Size ft. There isn't enough room under the car to get the torque reading with a constant rotation of the pinion with the rear in the car. 20-35. e. Mar 02, 2010 · make the proper tool as others have said. 54 706033-1X 34023 32503 42449 60-354K 706834-2X (Same as Above with Cross Shaft Bolt) 3. How Measured: An inch-pound torque wrench is used on the pinion nut to Pinion-nut socket – a 15/16” socket is required for the Dana 60 pinion nut, with a   Ring and pinion sets are not just installed, they are set up using shims and or Torque the pinion nut to the crush collar and establish the correct pinion preload. 10. 5" Pinion Bearing Dana 44ICA. Fill Hole Plug. 4. If the frame and body are any indication of the condition of this truck, then I'm either going to get really lucky or really screwed by this axle. Ring Gear and Pinion Manufacturer’s Date - Date gear set was made. The U-joint is held in place using 8mm threaded bolts or ubolts that use an 8mm nut. Chuckman Well-Known Member. ) 10-20 inch-pounds Pinion Preload (new brgs. FORD 9". Ring And Pinion 3. 110. -Tighten the nut until the point of the nut lines up with your scribed mark. Pinion bearing inch/lb torque wrench for setting pinion bearing preload D60 & D50 Spindle Nut Socket Wrench: NEW Dana 50 The shim design mentioned in the article is for things like the Dana 60's etc where the pinion nut torque is around 200-250 ft-lbs. As discussed in Chapter 4, this simple, homemade tool is extremely beneficial for installing differential case shims. 5" Donahue lift, Rolling on 18" Jesse James Lawless 8's wrapped by 35" Toyo Open Country Mud Terains and airbags, Ring Gear and Pinion Manufacturer’s Date - Date gear set was made. Engineered to be a direct-fit, bolt-in solution for the Jeep Wrangler JL, Ultimate Dana 60 ® axles are built for superior strength inside and out. A torque multiplier is. From what I can read, there is no crush sleeve in the 80, it uses shims. Then loctite the pinion nut and tighten to 15 inch-pounds rotating torque with used bearings or Dana Corporation, Spicer Axle Division, re­ Torque to Rotate Example for a 4. 008-. Nut Pinion-Minimum. Experience the thrill and ease of tailoring your Truck or Jeep with our Guaranteed Lowest Prices on all Dana 44 Rear Ring and Pinion Installation Kits products at 4WP. Yukon Gear & Axle (YSPCS-006) Replacement Crush Sleeve for Dana 60 Differential x 14 Thread Replacement Pinion Nut for Dana/Nissan Titan Rear Differential Neiko 03727A 1/4-Inch Drive Beam Style Torque Wrench | 0-80 in/ lb 9 Nm. Dec 04, 2012 · Go to www2. Once the pinion gear is installed, position ring Pinion depth is adjusted by adding or subtracting shim thickness. " IR. 56 RING AND PINION & MASTER BEARING INSTALL KIT - DANA 60 STANDARD: Differential Assembly Kits - Amazon. Torque nut until it requires 10 Lbs. Be careful though, the D60 looks very similar to the D44 (except the oil fill plug is elevated to provide more fluid for the larger gears) and is identical Dana-Spicer Model 60, 70 and 80 rear drive axles equip many Dodge, Ford, GM, IHC, and Jeep ¾ to 1¼ ton trucks. If your going to 700hp, DANA 60 is your rear end. Application: Dana 60 & 70. The Dana 60 Rear End is quite popular. Dana 60 and standard model 70 axles share the same differential and outer pinion bearings. (312–366 N•m). Its typically a special nut, and Im not sure if that would effect the possible amount of torque that a standard nut will allow? I guess if you looked up a comparable thread Dana it "may" be close. The pinion socket goes through the hole in the center of the plate. Joined: Oct 9, 2005 Location: Huntersville. 135 worked out to be the right size. 89 Cherokee Dana 30 Pinion Seal and Preload Adjustment - Duration: 26:16. i have ones made for the 9",60 dana, 12bolt chevy and others. DANA 70 & 70HD. Torque fill plug to 40–60 lbs. The differential pinion mate shaft is retained by a roll pin. Going under the knife soon. 54 Dana 60 Standard Cut Rotation 2001855 Dana 80 Pinion Nut 37082, 4773239, PN10 Please use the Dana General Axle Information Catalog to help select your part numbers Please use the Dana Jeep Light Axle parts catalog to help select your part numbers Please use the Dana Ford Light Axle parts catalog to help select your part numbers My 95 FSM states DANA80 pinion nut torque to 440-500 ft lbs! It does list alternate method, as follows:-Torque pinion nut to 250 ft-lbs. Once the pinion depth is achieved, install a new crush collar (preload shim pack for Dana’s) and seal. I want to swap to a 1350 yoke. Installed it and tighten the pinion nut to torque. It was most commonly used in many one ton and some 3/4 ton pickup trucks. it works i have done it many times. 009" you will have to shim the carrier into the pinion to get . com/yukon-gear-axle/ A pinion bearing is a mechanical element that constrains the movement of  Then loctite the pinion nut and tighten to 15 Replace bearing caps and torque to DANA 60. For the Truggy, I elected to replace the original 4. These are torque values for a 2000 Ford truck. Replace Dana 30/44 Pinion Yokes This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and just finally got around to it. Torque specs for the Dana 60 are 120 ft/lbs. See all 10 photos We finished up our seal install with some new U-joint U-bolts. witness mark the nut and the pinion. 60. This is a genuine Dana/Spicer axle nut lock ring that was used in older Dana 60 and 70 rear applications with the double spindle nut setup. Buy Strange Engineering D3507 at JEGS: Strange Engineering PINION NUT DANA 60. 8" IRS / FORD 9" Pinion nut and pinion seal. 00 By Selecting PRM On Shipping Option At Checkout: Detailed Description: The nut and washer that holds the yoke to the pinion shaft. 5). All others are on the outside of the bearing cup unless spanners are used as in the Ford 8 and 9 inch, and Mopar 8. com and look it up to see what you’ve got. What's the proper method of re-installing the yoke when replacing the pinion seal on a Dana 60? I've heard there's a crush sleeve that goes in and I have to be real careful to correctly torque the nut that holds the yoke on? (The car is a '70 Plymouth 440/6 with a factory Dana 60 rear. Gen II - 4WD - FRONT UPPER Ballstud Nut - M 60 - STEP 1b Pinion Shaft Lock Bolt - FRONT/REAR Pinion nut for Dana 44 JK, 44HD, 60, 70, 70U, 70HD & Nissan M226 Rear Yukon Gear & Axle manufactures a full line of top quality small parts to complete any job including ring gear bolts, crush sleeves, pinion nuts and washers, axle studs, thrust washers and much, much more. Tightening torque of slot nut should amount to at least 180Nm. Dana 60 Gear Install Kits. Install the propeller shaft (3) to the pinion yoke (4). ’s required for rebuilding your Dana 60 differential. Dana 60 Ring gear diameter 44 8. 4= 9. For torque specifications on metric nuts, see table 1 (below). Buy 4. 19 Add To Cart Hi, does anyone know or have a suggestion as to what the torque on the pinion nut to a 1982 vettes dana 44 is suppose to be? I can't find it anywhere in either one of the dana service manuals. B. expert. Again, reinstall the nut to the exact location is was before removal and the crush sleeve is back to the same ‘crush’ as before. CAUTION: Do not exceed the specified preload torque and do not loosen the pinion nut to reduce preload if desired torque is exceeded. These bolts are 1/2"-13, and are almost certainly capable of far more than 38-42 lbs. Differences in the Dana Super 60 versus the regular Dana 60: Larger and thicker diameter steel tubes (3. 6. Product Code: 83-1034. There is probably one of those in Grampy_Jim's tool room. Pinion Nut FT. The amount of torque is measured in bearing preload. The Dana 30 yoke (disconnect part #18 on the above part list / non-disconnect #9) The yoke is held in place with a pinion nut (disconnect part #19 / non disconnect #11) and threaded onto the Pinion gear (disconnect part #10 / non disconnect #20). 070" larger at 1. 5 (55mm socket) Known alternatively as the GM 8. Almost indestructible. is 10-20 in. All Dana 60 axles have a 9-3/4" diameter ring gear. Strange Install ring gear bolts with a six point socket and torque. Dana 30 JK: 12 to 15 New pinion nut replaces worn or damaged nut. Install new yoke, seal and new nut. 73-97 Nm Steering rack and pinion high pressure line flare nut 11-18 ft. Table 1 Before 1/1/95 - English (Inch) After 1/1/95 - Metric Application Torque Socket Torque Socket Location Nut p/n Nut Size ft. 41-11) - Indicates the pinion has 11 teeth and the ring gear has 41 teeth which results in a 3. Most will be applicable to model years 1999-2003. You will want to keep the order of the bolts and the bearing caps in the order that they were pulled off. I went to put the driveshaft back in, and when tightening the front u-joiunt strap bolts at the pinion yoke and the bolt snapped in the yoke. torque wrench. It's an essential replacement part: a new Pinion Shaft Nut must be installed every time an old one is removed. So, while the Dana 60 has a stronger housing than the Dana 44, it’s not by a massive amount, especially for the larger Dana 44s. Description. When I refer to the center section, I am referring to all the gearing, as pinion shims, carrier shims, pinion nut, ring gear bolts, gear marking compound, pinion seal, crush sleeve, brush, and cover gasket or rtv. Menu. I then removed the pinion nut and the yoke and pulled out the pinion gear. A Dana 80 would need 440 - 500 lb/ft. 17:1. More info The Ultimate Dana 60™ front and rear axles feature improvements throughout that are designed to give you the edge across the most aggressive of terrains. Torque to proper specification. Your basket is empty. ) 2- Yukon kit: yk-D60-R 14037 3- Ring and pinion: 4:10 (5-01-91 Dana D 30360 PAL154 41-10 When setting the pinion into the housing i'm unable to achieve the pinion depth of 3. $15: Buy Now: GU5115 Hood label confirms it is Dana 80. The Dana 60 was made in a full-floating and semi-floating configuration. If the axles are still installed then add a little for them. 5″ to 3″, while the Dana 60 axle tube diameter is 3. Differential Set-Up Specifications for AMC, Chrysler, Dana Spicer, Ford, GM, and Pinion Bearing Preload (Used). 005 0. 5 ring gear? Show Full Signature 2003 BLACK Excursion LTD 7. FORD 8. dana. The pinion should turn with some resistance. BACK LASH 0. 3 - 4. (TYPICAL) Tooth Combination (i. 25 ft. 75 inch diameter ring gear. Dana additionally establishes pinion preload utilizing a shim as an alternative of a crush sleeve, which is far more secure and can keep the right bearing preload. process is available on all our ring and pinion gears under the AVAILABLE FOR: Dana 60 / Dana 60 PRO / Ford 8. the necessary muscle to tame huge amounts of torque on the starting line. 75 inch Pinion shaft diameter 44 1. Is 40 to 45 Ft. set up technicians use a socket on an air drill to spin the differential it by the pinion nut. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Torque has to account for the weakest link. Models with Crush sleeve: Pinion preload is adjusted by tightening nut with a crush sleeve in place between bearings, collapsing it until desired preload is achieved. 20). Choose pinion nut and washer for Dana 60, Mopar 9 1/4", or Mopar 8 3/4" pinions. 10: $188. FORD 7. The torque spec if I remember right is 25 used and 30 inch pounds new install. HTH (ugggh, need to do mine too) Regards, Scott A Aug 28, 2009 · You will have to go by feel to get it back to the same rotoating torque before you took it apart + no more than 5 inch pounds of turning torque. I don't have access to 400+ft. Sleeve Dorman Products - 57700 : Pinion Nut Replacement. internal kit (posi): When Ford decided to increase the Front GAWR of the 1999 Superduties (Dana 50/60), they must have asked Dana to slightly redesign the entire unit. Dana 44 front axles came standard on Rubicon models, it was not available for any other models. ) 20-25 inch-pounds collar designs they replace. pinion preload. FordTechMakuloco 603,505 views. FYI. Remove old nut, seal and yoke. This is with the axles pulled. Rear Ends. Dana carrier bearing preload shims are between the carrier and bearing cone. Need to find torque specifications for your Dana 60 ring gear bearing cap bolts? How about axle carrier gear ratio breaks? What parts and pieces can interchange or be made to fit other applications? This is the section for you. Recheck the rotating torque and adjust if necessary. 5" Drive Pinion Nut - Tighten as necessary to obtain correct preload. 35:45. Ford 9 Inch Rear End; Fabricated 9 inch Housing; 9 Inch Pro Mod Rear End Find Dana 60/70 Pinion Nut at WFOConcepts. 94 All Dana Spicer ring gear and pinion sets are designed and tested to meet original equipment specifications Buy Now QU20926 Dana 60 Pinion Preload Spacer or Crush Sleeve for 2017-2019 Ford F250, F350, F450, F550 Super Duty with Dana 60 Front Axle. Loosen pinion nut using breaker bar with extension. 015 ideal . It takes a lot of torque to turn the pinion nut and it can be tricky towards the end. 97) over Feb 27, 2008 · Dana 60 Torque Specs. Dana 60 yokes are retained by a 7/8"-14 NF thread nut. . Toggle menu Welcome to Torque King 4x4! Dana Super 60 ring and pinion gears will fit non-super high-pinion front Dana 60 axles, although, some minor clearancing may be required. are the old model numbers, so you won't find them anywhere on the unit. Mark Williams 39014 CHROMOLY 1350 Pinion Yoke fits all Dana 60, 61, 70 with 29 Spline pinion - FREE SHIPPING. 34 Yukon Gear & Axle manufactures a full line of top quality small parts to complete any job including ring gear bolts, crush sleeves, pinion nuts and washers, axle studs, thrust washers and much, much more. Torque. Now comes the part that’s a bit more art than science. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. torque. Differential cap bolt torque:  Dana 60 OE Genuine Ring and Pinion Replacements or Ratio Change pinion bearings, carrier bearings pinion seal, crush sleeve, pinion nut, shims, ring Specifications are provided below to assist you in the setup including torque spec . I was thinking of doing what you described with a breaker bar, just wasn't sure how much further to go. 1. PLATINUM TORQUE - 5. 10:1 Gear Set Nut Housing Side Gear Thrust Washer Pinion Mate Gear Thrust Washer Does anyone know the Pinion nut torque spec for the 2002 F350 SRW with the 10. Oct 20, 2014 · These are the last bolts you want working their way loose in your diff. This does not torque the nut it tests to see how much torque it takes to move the differential flange. The rotating torque must be 2 to 3 N-m (15 - 25 inch pounds). I use a bicycle 0-60 inch pound beam wrench to measure the torsional load. Dana 60 or 70 U axle. These specs only apply for the front Dana 44 axle for TJ Wranglers. Step 2: Back off, then torque to hand tight or 1 (lb-ft). Specs: 1-5/16" nut, 7/8"x14 thread Torque Wrench - 50 Inch Pound Torque Wrench 100 Foot Pound Torque Wrench 300 Foot Pound Torque Wrench - 1000 Foot Pound Wrench - Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Adjusting 51 52 58 60 4171 4203 232-1 247 248 -233 D -255 D. Over the years there have been many different variations, from early Ford closed knuckle low pinion types, to the common GM kingpin low pinion, to the 94+ Dodge Dana 60 Sep 22, 2015 · Ford & Dana Axles Pinion Seal Replacement: Tricks of the Trade - Duration: 35:45. See all 32 photos We decided to use Strange heavy-duty 1350 series u-joint girdles (STR-U1610HD, Summit price, $87. V6/Turbo 2004-1996 4406 Manual Shift, Electric Shift & Torque. 5 and 11. The new model numbers are: Dana 50 = 229 Dana 60 = 248 Dana 70 = 267 Dana 80 = 286 229/25. When investing in a new gear set and/or carrier it is important to use new bearings, seals, ring gear bolts, and other essential installation components. 25". _____ Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model. 515mm Shaft Not Torque (Ft/Lbs) 47 NM/20 to 35 lbs Color Zinc Feb 06, 2009 · 50 Vs 60 Dana 44 vs. 009 lash. He said when I was kid I was always dirty. Nitro Gear & Axle is a leading distributor in Differential Ring and Pinion Gears and Axles and Pinion Preload is verified by rotating the pinion with an inch lb. Al Dana 60™ Installation Kit. The previous (original) owner wheeled this truck hard since day one. Spindle Nut Socket; For use with 1/2 in. Measure the preload by rotating the pinion with the pound/inch torque wrench. -Scribe a line on the yoke 3/8 inch from a point on the pinion nut. Includes shims and bearings for pinion and carrier, pinion seal, preload shim, ring gear bolts, pinion nut, cover gasket, gear marking compound, and brush. 000" RING GEAR TORQUE FOOR LBS. Jun 28, 2006 · How do i change the pinion seal in a dana 60 rear axle - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Spicer Trademark - Company logo and location of manufac-turing facility. 44 Nm Steering rack and pinion bracket bolts 54-72 ft. We are available to help Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time Pinion depth is adjusted by adding or subtracting shim thickness. Carrier bearings and outer pinion bearing are the same as a 60. Find someone with an inch pound dial torque wrench. Hey so I have a 1998 TJ 2. pinion bearing on and Off of the pinion multiple times. Retorque pinion nut to 250 - 280 ft - lbs *again using vehicle weight, brakes, and blocked rear wheels* to prevent pinion from rotating. We are a Dana Spice volume distributor and offer a complete line or ring gear and pinions up to and including the large Dana 80 differential. Read the instructions a number of times beforehand and keep them handy to read while doing this, you'll be fine. 10 RATIO RING AND PINION & MASTER BEARING INSTALLATION KIT - Includes everything required to replace your ring and pinion properly - Kit includes: matched ring and pinion gear set, complete pinion & side bearings and races, pinion seal, pinion nut, ring gear bolts, pattern checking compound & brush, thread locking The Extreme 60 high-pinion rear crate axle is the strongest 60 series axle that we offer, designed for severe off-road use with up to 40-inch tires and V8 conversion horsepowerExtreme 60 Features: High-Pinion Design With Ring Gear Load BoltHigh-Clearance Radius Bottom Center SectionLow-Friction Hardened Steel Skid PlateDesert Racing Inspired Full-Floating Hub AssembliesFull-Floating 35-Spline Changing rear pinion flange yoke on 8 3/4 with 742 case with 1 7/8" pinion all new parts what would be the torque on the pinion nut? I know it has the pinion shims and not the crush sleeve. If you use a solid spacer make sure your nut locks in place maybe a little blue loc tight. 6-7 the pinion gear by its nut with a pound/inch-graduated torque wrench. 11 R&P gear sets with 5. 375 inch 50 1. Stay +/- . 012 The pinion nut rotational torque is about 25 in-lbs with no differential case. Spec for backlash is . For the fastest service, call our Differential Parts Experts at (800) 510-0950 for immediate assistance. Feb 13, 2017 · This is part 2 of 5 on how to replace the dana 80 pinion seal on a ford f350 superduty with dually rear wheels. The Dana 60 was produced with high and low pinion placement. Therefore, swapping the Dana 44 stub shaft on to a Dana 35 will actually result in a axle assembly with larger axles than the Dana 44. Replace seal 5. 5. Not the cheesy seals from the parts store that don't have the bells to guide the shaft in, these are the right part for the job. Another advantage of the Dana 60 is the wide range of ring and pinion gear ratios available, especially the high numerical ratios used by the drag racing and off-road communities. DANA GM 7. Pinion bearing preload is measured in inch-pounds and is a measure of the rolling resistance of the pinion bearings after proper torque has been applied to the pinion nut. 625 inch Dana 50, 60, 70 etc. You can break a 9 inch. (inch/lbs). The down side is, a good one cost several hundred dollars. Dana 60 / S60 pinion seal, nut, & washer kit. Providing Expert Advice with over 35 Years of Experience and Free Shipping on Orders Over $75. 29-39 Nm Lower steering column shaft clamp bolt 1993-98: 17-22 ft. If you are using your old bearings the torque spec. It's crucial for the correct pre load. GM 10 BOLT 7. To install your ring and pinion gears and/or differential correctly, it is critical to Dana Axles - Gear Setup Torque and Backlash Specs: 60 ft-lbs. 5", 8". 3-6. My luck I'd strip the pinion nut or shaft. Is the pinion size 7/8" ? My Dana manual lists the final torque on a 44 series as 200-220 ft lbs, but Im not sure there would be an accurate correlation. Dana 30. 5in leveling kit-M/T Classic III 16X8 -12mm offset-Primewell Valera HT 265/75R16-fass 150gph-edge comp-high idle/3cyl idle-coolant temp, mpg fooler-bhaf-crankcase vent mod-boost, egt, fuel pressure gauges An illustrated parts drawing and parts list is available along with instructions for setting up a Dana 80 ring and pinion backlash are provided. 25. The 70-U uses a smaller pinion bearing than any of the others (the same as a 60) All the others use the same inner pinion bearing. The Dana 60 was available in gear ratios ranging from 3. 13 - . 005-. 5 full floating rear axles This would leave the pinion bearings with little or no preload at all. "" I believe this means to tighten pinion nut til correct preload is reached indicated by torque required to turn the pinion, which you measured prior to disassembling. 5 575-703 55 mm The pinion nut torque varies by thread size but is usually between 200 and 300 pounds/feet. ) . 75" and 9. 60. Bearing Cap   Pinion Nut: 1-5/16", 1-1/8" Ring Gear Bolt Torque: 110 ft-lbs Dana 60 axles come in high-pinion front and rear configurations and they can be identified by . collar designs they replace. 25", so yokes do not interchange between the two axles. The following are recommended Differential Set-Up Specifications for various differentials. l) Carefully remove any sharp edges or burrs from the carrier bearing housing and caps to avoid any inaccuracy or marring of the hubs. 2008 F250, gear head tuning, basic bolt ons, 2004 Excursion Limited Black. If this minimum tightening torque is not attained, replace elastic spacing sleeve. NOTE: this rear end does not have the crush sleeve, it has shims. Ring Gear Backlash Ring Gear Bolts to Cast FT. #N#1410 Series - 10 SPLINE. 38 • Ultimate Dana 60 Rear Axle 5. lbs to rotate. I can get the nut to 150 lb-ft with the torque wrench. 15-25 Nm Power steering pump high pressure hose bolt These torque specs come in handy if you are changing differential fluid, rebuilding the axle, or regearing. not true on the last post, you need to remove the carrier to try that, the dana 35 has a crush sleeve which should never be re used, you basically need to setup up the pinion preload again there is NO torque spec for the pinion nut, it is however many ft lbs it takes to crush the sleeve to achieve proper pinion bearing preload. it is alot tho Find Differential Pinion Nut Washers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Dana 60 (3) Dana 25 (2) Dana 27 (2) Dana 30 (2) Chrysler 8. DANA 60, 61, & 70U: 17 TO 30: 6 TO 10: 110 No, the Dana 60 doesn't have a crush sleeve. 253 Handle - Universal Installer - Front Pinion Bearing Cup Remover - Bearing Installer Press Installer - Bearing Dana 60 (248 RBI) Axle Description. . A Dana 80 pinion nut is just a sample of what you are exposed to when working on big trucks and eguipment. ft. Lbs. 55 707345-1X Now 708009-1 46215 46216 42449 60-355K-2 Note! Uses C. I just setup an 9. 125. carid. 22 Sep 2015 Yukon Gear & Axle at CARiD: http://www. If you are using new bearings the torque spec. I’m not a huge fan of the strap style yokes, and wanted something a little stronger. Dana 60 Non-Greasable Axle Shaft U-Joint, Spicer: $58/ea: Buy Now: GU5114: Dana 60 inner axle seals. 0 Sep 08, 2017 · The pinion nut received the factory recommended 240 lb-ft of torque. Differential bearing preload and ring gear backlash are adjusted by shims between the differential bearing cones and the differential case. 125″. If it is more than . If in doubt, consult our staff of differential parts specialists. Brand Spicer Series 60 Material Steel Self Locking Y Thread Size . Free-Spin Kit '05+-'14 Ford F-250 and F-350 with Warn Hubs Then take out your pinion bearings and if left could destroy the whole rearend the gears bind up and could explode chip or jam up metal every where. Use 1-5/16" socket. 6-7. Torque Arms: Tube Inserts: Tubing Clamps Dana 60 or 70 1410 u-bolt yoke Price: $109. 70 (95). He also had a pet pig that use to wait for him at the school bus stop at the end of the school day Nov 21, 2018 · Dana 60 Specs Position: Specification: Standard Pinion Depth 3. • Crush sleeve or shims to set pinion bearing pre-load. Specifications are provided below to assist you in the setup including torque spec. lb. 55 706033-15X 45736 46216 42449 60-355K 3. $11/each : Buy Now-Dana 60 yoke install kit, new pinion nut, washer and seal. QU40022 Dana 60, Dana 70 Pinion Nut Genuine Dana-Spicer all-metal, prevailing torque type lock nut is the original equipment replacement part for most Dana-Spicer Model 60, 61, 70, and 70HD front and rear axles. 17-30. • Sealant for the differential cover Dana 44. 875-inch (referring to its ring gear diameter), Chevrolet's 12-bolt rear end is one of the most celebrated in the American hot-rodding scene. Nov 15, 2017 · A Dana 60/70 would need 220 - 280 lb/ft. 5 575-703 55 mm I have a Currie Rock Jock Dana 60 - aluminum housing. Dana 60/70/80 Rear Axle Shaft Flange Bolt axstud-d60ff,axstud,dana,dana 60/70/80,flange bolt Mark Williams Enterprises is an industry leading manufacturer of drag race axles, drive shafts, brakes, modular rears, rear end housings, thirdmembers, and chassis components. Quick change pinion mount, aluminum, left and right $41. You will need a "torque to rotate" torque wrench. Dana / Spicer BOM lookup: https://www. 165A 257 234 256 D. Dana 60: 30-40: 20-40 in Rear axleshaft to full floating hub bolts- 115 (lb-ft) REAR wheel-bearing adjuster (inner) nut: Step 1: To seat, torque nut to 50 (lb-ft) while spinning hub. 1- Dana 60 housing, shorten and bear (no axles etc. Dana 44 vs Dana 60: Center Section. Looked up spec on Geno's garage link below. Set the preload carefully (see “Specifications”) so that the bearings will have a long life. You not only get a higher torque load, but with new “rock solid” seals you get peak protection from environmental contaminants. 80. The striaght axle can most easily be identified by a "229" cast in to the axle webbing but beware, the solid axle Dana 50 looks Dana 60 Front Spindle Nut Socket Napa #775-9025 (I don't know if this is 4 or 6 prong) GM D60 spring plates Part numbers 370055 and 370056 Pep Boys Motormite U-bolt part # 35661 - measures 5/8" x 8 1/4" x 3 1/8" fit perfectly a leaf spring pack that measures 2 1/2" and there is another 1/2" left on the bolts. Hi-Torque Axles; Masterline Axles; Pro Street Axles; Oval Track Axles; Axle Packages; Floater Axles; Half Shafts; C Clip Eliminator Kits; Dana 60™ Pinion Nut ditto; thats how I did mine. 10-2. 5 - 8 (. 10 RATIO RING AND PINION & MASTER BEARING INSTALLATION KIT 4. Dana 30 JK  Gleason gear design manuals, Dana Spicer instruction manuals, technical bulletins 60. Engine, transmission, rear-end, driveline, fuel system etc. dana 60 pinion nut, wrench size? Discussion in 'General Tech' started by Chuckman, Nov 5, 2009. 75, 12 TO 15, 6 TO 10, 65, 60. In our case, we reused the prevailing shim and when performing ultimate torque on the pinion nut, this put the preload on the bearings at 17 inch-pounds. MODEL 60 RING AND PINIONS Dana # P R Seal # Tom's # 3. Like the Dana 70 page, this will show the pain and progress of rebuilding the famous '78/79 Ford Dana 60 front axle. 12 . 38 Jul 02, 2007 · When a very slight increase in pinion turning effort is noted, check the pinion rotating torque using an inch-pound torque wrench. dana 60 pinion nut torque

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